Is my ex unsure? playing games and he doesn't realize it?

Was a mutual break up, where he cried (he initiated and I agreed). Anyway, after bit over a month since the break up, I've e-mailed him (short version) about after careful thought that we both are worth giving another try if both are willing. From there, it moved to texting (limited), Then him suggesting lunch or dinner yet kept postponing. He started seeing someone new few days after we broke up (He doesn't know that I know and I'm cool with it). Finally we met up. During all meeting he acted and shown as if we never broke up. Still calling sweet names, all smile. being gentleman. complimenting on my looks etc. Although I can tell he was tired yet he def. was prolonging the meeting. I had to cut short. Then he was the first one to say "I miss you". Asked to go for a walk after dinner when I was ready to leave. Since the first meeting. I never heard from him for whole week. Then I texted and asked if he ever wants to hang out again. He immidiately responded with "I would love to". Again, I don't hear from him. He then texted few days later, at this point, I just ignored then again on thanksgiving. Then I texted, I guess I wanted to see his reaction of some sort. I asked for favors (those weren't urgent or something He must felt to help) Yet he didn't waste time and gladly happy to help and he goes on setting up the plan. We met again, he asked to pick me up at my place. He was walking to my doorstep then I met him on my driveway. He walks me to his car, opens and closes the door. trying to keep me warm. And as usual. He was acting just as same. Like we never broke up. This time, he talked bout what we did and places we went etc. Asked if I have plan for x-mas and what I am doing. And where I was (Meaning the days of MIA). When he drove me back to my place, instead of dropping me off, he parks and turns engine off the car. I gave him a hug gnite ready to go and he held me tight N kissed me (he kissed on 1 meeting too). Then I pulled away, thanked him for helping me and waved good bye. My thing is. It really means nothing what he says, how he acts, how sweet he appears. Just the fact that he never initiate contacts pretty much says it all. He hasn't ignored if I happen to contact but never once initiated (except for one on TG). I don't think about him as much but when I happen to see him, I get weird feeling. So, I knew this had to end. So, few days ltr, I texted him that I would like discuss few things and if he can come by. He texted back the next day saying he is sorry that he didn't get to my text til late. I told him he can come by the next day if he can. Never heard from him. I guess part of me just want to have blunt out talk. Is he unsure? Although he never initiate, he is away the one prolonging phone convos or the meeting as I'm always the one to hang up first and end the meeting. If he is really happy in his new relationship and pursue. Part of me want us but I'll be happy for him and we no longer have to prolong this break up.


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  • How strong could your relationship with him be if he starts dating so soon after crying over you breaking up with him? Think about it, if he really took you seriously wouldn't he respond differently to the "discussing a few things" text? He apparently does not sound so eager to work things out. Also, the taking so long to respond to such a text and the fact that he kept postponing the initial meet up, sounds like he is seeing someone else currently or perhaps, he is just too busy to find time? Both do not sound all that great.

    Being friends with an ex who cheats on his current woman for you sounds like a recipe for disaster! This can especially be disastrous if you want a relationship and he just wants affection.

    I say let it be!


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