My ex left a message however... I don't believe it will occur...

Hi my ex girlfriend told me that when she broke up with me there is a part of her that says she is right in leaving me and there is a part that is saying she is wrong in leaving me.

And then she said, if ever she has made the wrong decision she would like to be with me again or "if I really made the wrong decision and wake up to the truth that I made one wrong move to leave you I pray that God gives me a second chance to see you and be with you again" something like that.

We stopped talking three days ago and I found out that she loves another man and that she does not want to leave him because she is afraid of hurting another again... and that hurt me... that she loves another man when in fact its just 6 days or so that we broke up... but tells me she remembered me the from the time that I haven't had any communication with her...

So I decided to stay away and NOT HAVING ANY COMMUNICATION WITH HER and she said she disagreed with my idea... now I'm afraid that she will not come back and erase me and my memories in her heart and mind...

Thank you for all who would leave me comments...

Do you think she will realize that she made the wrong decision in leaving me? They became a couple as soon as we broke up...


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  • i find this hard to believe. I mean all due respect man. for the heartache but. come on. she loves another guy within 6 days of your breakup, dude, either she's trying to make you jealous, or she was cheating on u, for either most or all of your relationship. no one falls in love that quick unless something really magical happened. she played you sounds like. so you are doing the right thing by ignoring her, you don't need to be her guy on the side if it fails. she sounds like something that is a little loose in the head. you should be glad she's gone

    • shes not gonna realize anything now, she's "in love". its hard to sway a womans mind when she's in love. tough luck dude. ya need to move on

    • but do you think the dilemma in her head that she thinks she has made a wrong decision in leaving me would mean I should not believe it?

    • she doesn't think she made a wrong decision, she likes someone else now. even if it was 6 days after you and her ended

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  • You are right in not having any communication with her... continuing to talk to her is just going to keep the wound wide open. I know in your heart you love her, but listen to your mind and I bet it's telling you that you are crazy for wanting her to come back when she's said she's in love with another man.. and that she's trying to keep you there on the back burner in case her new relationship falls through. She won't forget you, I can promise you that.

    • Thanks and if ever you are right... I will thank you a lot... my friends tell me that their relationship's a rebound

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  • it sounds like she was cheating on you before your split, you probably should keep your distance.

  • It sounds like a rebound, which she'll then regret leaving you in the first place... so you guys can be together again in the future. But you're doing the right thing by not communicating with her. Give it a month or so before initiating contact with her. You need a plan to win her back also.. start here ==> link


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