My ex wants to mee up. What's that mean? Should I meet him?

The reason we broke up is I was cheating on him cause he abused me. It's been 4 years. He texted me after a year we broke up , he said he wants to meet and get a fresh start because he is not the same person like before. Ofcourse I don't want and ignore him. i said bad words to him.
He live in different country. Every year he texted me to convince me that he changed. he visits my country often and always ask me to meet.

2 years ago he visited my city and stayed in hotel near my home. I didn't want to meet him and ignored his text

Last month he texted me that he will visit here again cause of his business (in different city)
We were on phone (first call after a long time) I asked him why you want to meet me? he said he miss me And he still like me.
I was thinking maybe he just want to have fun but he said if I don't believe him. he will just visit my city meet me and maybe go lunch then he will leave.

Should I worry if he won't dont anything bad when I meet him? Should I meet him? What's exactly he wants?
  • Yes. Go meet him maybe he really changed
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  • No. Maybe he wants to hurt you again
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  • you're both screwed things up before, It won't hurt if you two meet up agian.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think he will actually hurt you again. That isn't the reason why I think you shouldn't meet up with him again. People change and 4 years is a long time. He isn't the same person he was 4 years ago and neither are you probably. However, I believe that the past belongs in the past and that it should stay there. There is no reason to revisit, or rekindle something that happened over 4 years ago. Whatever he wants to tell you can be done over the phone, since you have a little more control over the situation that way, but meeting face-to-face? I wouldn't. Just move on from this man..


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What Guys Said 2

  • You should not trust him again if he was abusive, but if you wanted to meet him just make sure you stay in public areas.

  • Fuck that dude. He messed up his chance with you when he stated abusing you.


What Girls Said 2

  • Don't do it
    ~ Mrs Manson

  • I wouldn’t


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