My ex girlfriend broke up with me, and found someone else, but she still talks about me, why?

Ok, me and my ex have been broken up for 5 months now, I told her I loved her and she ran off, and then immediately found someone else. then I start dating a new girl three weeks ago. then it turns out they have a class together on Wednesday's. My current girl tells me things that she has been saying about my all semester long. when she talks about her current boyfriend she also talks about me also(Good and Bad). I thought she been long over me, I haven't spoken to her since september.

So now my ex finds out she is in class with my current girlfriend, and now she is running scared. and she didn't even show up to class this past week. I want my ex back really bad. I've tried once texting her, but she never texted me back. what should I do? Just keep my cool?


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  • just keep your cool. let her come to you.


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