When you crack your back, knuckles, etc...

Are you actually cracking your bones? If not, what is cracking?


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  • No, when you're cracking your knuckles you're essentially pushing the joint into or out of its normal position.

    • A thick, clear lubricant called synovial fluid is found in the joints between your bones. When you crack your fingers, you cause the bones to pull apart, and the pressure on the synovial fluid is reduced. Bubbles form and quickly expand and then burst. Snap, crackle, pop go your knuckles!

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    • Thanks, you are smart!

    • Haha, you're quite welcome.

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  • Its the air between your joints popping. Like Tia said, your pushing the joint in and out, so when you push the joint out, it fills with air, and cos the gaps so small, it creates a bubble, and when it pushes back in, it pops. If you listen closely, the crack goes lll-TCH. The lll sound is it filling with air, and the TCH sound is it popping. Its cool. Its such a viscous sound, too, hahaha.

    • Thank you!

    • Lol, why? Why are you thanking me? Seriously, I always knew this, and I always thought, 'this is the most useless piece of information I know. And I know that the pigment in leaves other than chloroform, or whatever, is called Leaf Green. But I could be asked that on mastermind. Or I could be asked what the other one is, and feel like crap, because I don't know if that's right or not. Man...' LOL.

    • I'm thanking you for answering my question. I was just being polite, lol.

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  • I crack my knuckles and my toes

  • i can move my hips in and out of their socket :) not cracking bones, just moving them

    you don't crack your bones unless you fall 10 stories from the sky


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