I'm unhappy in a relationship where we're thinking about marriage?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 1/2 years. I love him more than anything but there's some issues that aren't being resolved and I'm very unhappy with how things are at this point in time. It's not his fault, because his family continually disrespects me and he doesn't stick up for me as much as he should. Although I should not let his family get between us, I do not think it is fair I do this for the rest of my life. Is it wrong to hook up with other guys, even if I know in the end I will still be with my boyfriend? What should I do?


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  • I don't think you should get married until you get these issues with his family fixed. Its hard for him to have to be put in the middle of his family and his girlfriend. I have a guy friend who was in this same situation. Its terrible and out of all of them I felt so bad for HIM! Having to choose. So when you say he doesn't stick up for you AS much as he should...try to put yourself in his shoes and see how he feels. It can't be easy for him just as I know its not easy for you.

    Yes it is wrong for you to hook up with other guys, even though you know you will be with your boyfriend. When I was reading this, I thought the main issue was his family that made you unhappy and unsure, until I got to this statement. It sounds like you may not know if your sure you want to get married yet or even to him. If your looking for approval to go hook up with other guys, your not ready to get married. I'm sure you love him & you know he's the one for you, but somewhere it sounds like you have doubts.

    I can't tell you want to do, I can only suggest, maybe you take a break or tell him you need space to figure out what you want. Deep down you are the only one who knows what you feel. 10 years from now, do you see yourself happy in this situation?

    I wish you the best! G'luck.


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  • you mean cheat on the boyfriend not a good idea not unless your intentional trying to destroy that relationship if so that'll surely do it. if he cares anything about you at all it will destroy him as well.

    hooking up with other guys while in a (commited relationship especially considering marriage) is cheating.

    point: 1st your not marrying his family but him if it gets that far

    point 2: he may not standup for you maybe as much but I take it at times he does. his family is important to him t. he just may not know how to handel the situation to where he thinks it might make things worse between you and his family

    point 3 : point 3 IF , quote:"I love him more than anything" (even if he has issues) why would you think of hooking up with other guys that isn't a mentality of someone who loves someone wouyld do intentionally unless their trying to hurt them.

    be honest with yourself what if the shoe were on the other foot and you were in his place would you want him hooking up with other girls?

    so before you ,make any major dicessions here think through all ramificatioins of what your actions can and may produce . and would those dicessions be worth the wasted 3 1/2 years you have had envested inyour life and this relationship be worth the effort of extra relations of hookups.


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  • Is it wrong to hook up with other guys? Are you f***ing kidding me? No wonder his family hates you. Think about this one logically retard. If you even has thought about cheating, let alone doing it, do you really think you love him. You your brain that God gave you.

  • Honestly I think that you need reevaluate your relationship...how much of an impact does his family in your life with him..are you guys planning on living close to them because if you aren't going to be around the family that often then it shouldn't affect the relationship because a marriage is between two people and not even family should step into that boundary. I also think that you need to talk to him about not sticking up for you because that does say a lot about a man and how he plans on defending you for other things not just his family..


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