How can I show someone I like them and not seem cold?

I'm pretty shy, and I've never been able to talk well to guys I like, so I'm afraid that I must seem uninterested. Do you guys have any advice on how I could show this guy I like him without having to be too out there? Or any tips on how to be less shy? I'd really appreciate it :]


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  • Talk to him whenever you get the chance. Also, try to take advantage of any opportunities you have to spend time around him.

  • Give positive signals to him:

    -smile at him when you see him

    -keep eye contact then look away

    -stare at him from time to time

    after a while if he smiles back when you walk pass him, start waving at him when you walk pass him.

    start from here, if he give you positive signals back to you then you can approach him or he may even approach you.

    • added: a guy won't (or will rarely) approach you if you don't give any hints or positive signals to him.

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