Do I have to come clean about cheating?

I got really drunk and kissed a mutual friend of my boyfriend and I. We made out for a few mims then I realized what I did and started crying and we decided not to tell anyone

If I told him it would kill him, things would never be the sme, and it would ruin the dynamic of our whole group of friends.

Do I have to tell him or can I just put it behind me? I know it will never happen again

Also if you have been in a similar situation any advice is appreciated


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  • Tha's a tuff decision. First of all you did a mistake but the good thing about it is that you admitted it and see what is that you both did. Let me put it this way lets swtich the scripts around what if your boyfriend is you u would like that to be kept a secret?. Just think about the things that you don't like people to do to you. I mean you did something and I'm sre you regret it but you will never be confortable or your consiouss will make you feeel guilty. My personally opinion is that you can always be honest you and his friend made a huge mistake now you guys gotta face the consequences but if you choose to keep the secret than go for it and make the best out of it. I really wish you good luck! and I hope I helped you in anything.


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  • You will ruin the relationship on your own keeping it to yourself. As the guilt will eat at you.

    The longer you wait to mention something, the more extensive the damage will be. As you know, damage is already done by your infidelity.


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  • don't tell him until a few months pass.. it will be of less impact if you want to come clean about it. its always like that.. if you commit a wrong, but it didn't happen like a week or three ago, it will be easier to forgive. trust me.

  • Well lets just say you don't tell him and then your boyfriend finds out .. even if he does take you back he will NEVER trust you again and loose respect for you.

    But maybe the consequence of telling him is better because then he will know it wasn't anything shady and you had the balls enough to tell him and he will respect that instead of finding it out from someone else because that hurts.

    - Imagine he cheated on you and didn't tell you and you found out from someone else?

    Wouldn't you rather of him HIMSELF tell you? ..

    • But I don't think he will find out

    • you don't know that

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