How to really bitch someone out?

Let's just say a girl did a really crummy thing to me, I know that just calling her a bitch won't really affect her. She is going to try to talk to me because she dosnt think that I know... What do I do? Below are some options I thought of.

1 just say don't ever talk to me again

2 say in a polite nice shaky awkward voice that I don't want to be hurt by head games anymore (probably around her friends to embarrass her)

3 try and get with her and then never talk again

4 whatever you thing the best idea is, or what else you can come up with


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  • 1. Will work but depending on what she did, if it was really mean and cruel she may deserve more than that if you're feeling like revenge.

    2. Makes you look weak and will just reinforce in her twisted mind that she was "right" for treating you that way.

    3. Won't work because she probably won't hook up with you anyway, and she'll reject you which will feed her ego and make you look more silly

    4. Put her on blast. Let her know you know what she did and she's a stupid bitch for thinking that you wouldn't find out about it. Find something you think she would be insecure about and make a snippy comment about it. But don't be loud and do it in front of a lot of people because that will make you look like a jerk. You need to say it semi privately so it will sting more and have more affect. But act very cool and aloof when you do it, not angry and emotional

    • Best answer...but what does snippy mean?

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  • 1 is lame.

    2 would make you look like a chump.

    3 is a waste of time and effort.

    4 you have to give me an idea of what she did. Also, what are her insecurities?

  • Walk up to her with the most serious-looking face and straight up tell her you're a **** for what you did, then simply walk away. She won't like that at all.


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