My wife asked for space but we live together?

My wife asked for "space" a little over a week ago. Since then I have been through the motions of panic and now I'm into the accepting phase.

I stayed out of her way... had small short conversations. But last night we had dinner and I'm even more confused. We had a good time and dinner and movie.. laughs like old times.

Since she asked for space she's been a selfie queen. But didn't take one picture with me or herself when we had dinner. I'm prepared to deal with my marriage being over.

I just don't want to be used while she's figuring it out. I haven't had any affection in over a week.
Well to
Well to update you guys, we are going on a trip into the city tomorrow. It's about an hour drive each way. I'm hopeful the drive will give us time to hash everything out. She still says she doesn't know if she wants to continue to"do this". But I'll take the small win.


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  • Asking for space or asking for a break is usually a sign of an imminent end of the relationship. You could force the issue by saying there is not enough space for both of you, so suggest she leaves. It might make her think a bit quicker! Certainly take the upper hand and call the shots!


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  • Do you know whether she's thinking about filing for divorce? Or at least thinking about a trial separation?

    Do you still sleep in the same room? What has happened previously that you think might cause her to request for more space to herself?

    The story is rather incomplete at the moment.

    • Yes we still sleep in the same room. I slept on the couch for a couple of nights voluntarily. She still tells me she loves me. We have had a few small arguments and she was out pretty late one day and I was annoyed that her phone kept going off at 12:30 while I was trying to sleep. I Said put that shit on silent. And she proceeded to go out Every night the rest of the week

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    • We do not have kids. I have asked. She says she just needs alone time. At this point I'm just working on myself she can have all the alone time she needs. If things aren't back to normal soon I'll just file for divorce.

    • It sounds like you're coming from a good place now. And you can accept either of the two paths in front of you. I'm really relieved to hear that. Give her more time, work on yourself - and if she chooses to find happiness somewhere else, you have the option of doing the same thing. Keep strong.

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  • Aww this is sad 😭
    You need to talk to her.
    Ask her what’s wrong.
    Maybe something happened which is making her depressed.

    • I asked if She was seeing someone else. She said no. I asked if She misses, me and she said yes. I asked if She still considers me as her husband she said yes. But doesn't want to fall into the same issues that were holding us back before.

  • Asking for space or taking breaks is stupid. Either you're with someone or you're not. Sounds like she's cheating on you. Investigate.

    • I asked if She was she said no. I believe her. Besides I have no idea how to investigate that lol

  • She wants you to sleep on the couch


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  • Speak to her about because it sounds like she is playing u whist looking for a new man

    • You were right

    • Did u speak to her

    • After reading the updates my friend that u posted to others in sorry but u are vary silly to think she was actually at gym and not with another man for me that's unacceptable yes u may want to save the marriage but u have to accept she is not being loyle at the moment

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