Started dating my best friend, now I'm scared and want to end it while still being friends?

My best friend of a year has had strong feelings for me since June. We hang out like 5 days a week and know everything about each other. About a week ago he almost stopped talking to me because he wanted to get over me. I realized how much that scared me and I didn't want to lose him.. so I asked him to be with me about 3 days after that. I really love him more than anyone, and I know how happy he is and loves me so much. The thing is, I keep finding myself thinking about this guy I was talkng to, and stopped because I started dating my friend. Also, I keep thinking about subtle ways to break up with him so we can remain friends. He is so happy and I don't want to hurt him... but I don't know if I love him as a boyfriend.. or just as a friend. And I.feel like postponing the breakup would make it worse... but then I think ending it now would make him hate me. I don't want to lose my best friend... but I don't want to stay with him if I don't think it's right. I'm so confused.. So basically my question is should I stay with him and see if I can clarify to myself what my feelings are, or break up with him now? And if I break up with him now... how should I go about doing it, so I can salvage my friendship?


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  • well I think you can hold it for few days... because after breaking up there is no chance of joining even if you join again after thinking that his best for you the relation will not be the same.

  • This is quite the situation you've gotten yourself into. Let me just say, without you getting offended, that was a shitty thing to do. if you had let him stay away from you for a little bit for him to "get over" you, i doubt he wouldn't have gone back to being at least in your friend eventually, but instead you decided to lead him on. Now there's not much you can do to "salvage" your relationship. But you definitely have to tell him. He WILL be mad considering you basically tricked him. But there is a chance, if sit him down and explain that you love him (as a friend) and didn't want lose him because he means so much too you and you thought that this was the only way (only if thats what you actually thought and you weren't trying to keep around so you could have a fall back if a guy dumps you), he might forgive you.


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