So...what now? I think its over.

so me and my friend and a girl I like

were eating lunch together

my friend knows I like her and I believe she knows I like her

well anyway my friend just blurted out loud "cmon man just tell her we all know it"

i was like wtffffffffffff...

she didn't really said anything. She just stared at me and when my friend left to the bathroom with just me and her we are kinda speechless and she went to her phone to text

so am I f***ed over here?


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  • No, meddling friends could ruin things, but I don't think you've lost your chance. Why don't you go ahead and ask her to hang out sometime? And tell your obnoxious friend his meddling is not appreciated. That sort of thing can shut a relationship down in seconds.

    • ok thanks ill try to ask her

      but I already think this is over already. She and I use to get along pretty well.

      but now that she knows, she talks but to my friend and sees me as an invisible wall now.

      i try to talk to her, she just says those lame one word answer while looking at the phone.

    • That...sounds bad. If you want to remain friends with her, make sure she know that you're understanding and can handle being friends, if that's what she wants.

    • yea I see them like 4 times a week

      im in a sticky situation atm, after class they told me to hang around

      i can't say no because they are my friend and I don't want to say yes

      i really hope she doesn't hate me

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