Did I do something wrong?

Ok so a few weeks ago me and my Boyfriend of 1 year and 11 months broke up. He broke up with me, saying that his feelings have changed but he offered to be friends. At first I was trying to get him back, but eventually I realized that I just have to move on and sent him an email saying that I think breaking up is the best thing to do and ill leave him alone now (because I know he needs space and guys don't like getting smothered). Now after a week, I've moved on (it wasn't hard because I think I've also fallen out of love for him in our last months together, and now I like someone else) and I want to be friends with him. But every time I'm online, he doesn't initiate a talk with me, and I don't want to be the one to make the initiation. What do you think is wrong? Should I start up the conversation? I sent him an offline message once and he didn't reply.

If the age helps any, I'm 20 and he's 23.
Update! He was the one who wanted to be friends, but I sent him an email saying I'm going to move on and back away from him, and now that I've done that and want to be friends, why is he not embracing his own idea? I guess that's my real question.
Another update. When I come online, he's always on busy but I know at those times he's always awake. Then when he sleeps his status switches to "online". Is this a mechanism to avoid me when I come online?


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  • Hes over u! He doesn't talk to you for a reason!

    • No reason to be such a d***. He was the one who mentioned being friends. To answer you, QA, if he hasn't responded to your message, I wouldn't contact him again. He said he wanted to be friends, but he's obviously not worth that investment if he can't send a short reply.

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    • Oh well. Regardless if he doesn't wanna be friends its his loss. Geez. Just wanna know why he withdrew from his suggestion.

    • There's honesty, and there's downright being an asshole. You just being an asshole in this situation.

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  • When people say they want to be friends after a break up, 99.9% of the time they don't mean it. Its not a good idea anyway to be friends, it only makes things more complicated.

  • I suppose he's completely moved on and just doesn't want any contact with you at all now. Many people aren't friends after a breakup, it's pretty much impossible for some reason.

    • I can understand if he didn't want contact with me anymore. But the thing is that he was the one who broke up with me and asked me if we wanted to be friends to which I answered an email. Saying I'm going to back off and move on. So now that I've moved on and ready to be friends, why isn't he embracing this idea that he put out in the first place?

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    • Yes I'm aware that some guys say that just to be nice. But I'm sure he was genuine about it because we talked a little as friends but then I realized I had to move on and said I would leave him alone. He never relpied to that email. He dumped be but he's a nice guy over all.

    • Clearly you dnt kno guys very well...

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