His ex cheated on him?

Okayy. so were officially talking now, but it went really fast at first & we both really like each other. the last time we hung out we got a lot closer & the next day he freaked out & said he wasn't over his ex. she cheated on him.. after 4 years. but they have been broken up for a year and I explained how I felt to him and that being single forever and shutting people out of your life doesn't help you move on so he took it aallll back and said he still wants to talk but we should go slower. I totally agreed so I said okay but I feel like he's really scared to trust anyone. does anyone have any advice to help him realize not every girl is gonna hurt him like that? I promised him that I'm not like that and that I could neverrrr do anything like that to anyone. especially after 4 years. let me know if you have anything to help this situation. thanks!


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  • I am completely in the same position as you.

    Because of this I keep getting mixed signals off him.

    One minute he is telling me he likes me.

    the next it feels like he doesn't want to talk to me at all.

    My advice? Give him some time and space, don't text until he texts you.

    • i did for awhile this week & things are pretty much back to normal! I think he's really scared though to get close to & trust another girl. the last girl completely broke his heart =( good luck to you! I hope he doesn't blame anything on you for someone elses mistakes if that's your situation

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