Can he stay faithful after cheating?

my boyfriend and I of two years have had problems lately, I'm a year older and that was fine, but when he got into college this year his papers got screwed up and long story short I am academically 2 years ahead of him, this crushed his ego as a man and it was killing him that I would work in the future while he's still a student, he finally cracked, he left me saying there's another girl and they're the same age and all, but when he got with her he kept thinking about me even during the physical encounters between them, he called me up 4 days after he got with her to confess, a lot of things happened since and he broke up with the girl but now he's expressing his worries that even though he now knows that no one can make him as happy as I am, he's not sure if he can ever be faithful again after screwing up like this, so my question is, can a man change after doing something like this? or will there always be a temptation to be with another girl? I know that technically it's not cheating because he broke up with me but we both see it that was since when he called me back he didn't break up with her and took him a while to do so.

p.s: no I didn't get back with him while he was still with her, we waited and now we're working on things


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  • hmm...i know it's hard when you really care about someone and you think maybe you can change them...but if he has shown he is able or tempted physically to go with another whilst he's still thinking about you, I think it's best to stay away and protect yourself. You shouldn't need to be with someone you can't trust 100%.


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