6 months later, should I contact him?

It's been 6 months since our break up

I'm finally back home from college. Should I contact him?

I don't want to be with him, I know it's over. I don't have any intentions of being with him again. I'm really just wanting to know if we can be friends, I kind of want to know that he doesn't hate me and that we both can get full closure on it.

We were together for 3 years and I left him because I guess the distance made him really paranoid about me cheating on him, and even though I never did, I guess he just fell out of love or changed, but he didn't want to break up, so I did it for him.

I'm over him, I just want to know that everything's okay.

Should I text him "happy holidays" or try to initiate contact? we haven't talked since the break up.


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  • You mentioned he changed and fell out of love but he didn't want to break up. It doesn't sound right. If he didn't want to break up with you, chances are he was deeply hurt by it. It does sound like you care about him but if you have no intention of getting back together with him, initiating contact may hurt him more when he has had the time to get over things.

    Being on the other side of this story, I know how much it hurts when an ex initiates contact just for THEIR own reasons (to ease guilt, pain, sorrow) and it sounds like that is what you are trying to do. If you care about him, let it be. Leave him alone. If you wanted to get back together by all means contact him but it does not sound like that is the case. I'm talking from experience. I finally told my ex "if you don't want to be with me, then let me go." It's not fair to tHE "hurt" party to not be able to move on and hearing from the ex, definitely does not help.


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  • I think you should let him be. If he loved you chances are he is not. It would be good to hear from you but it;s just going top mess up his healing process. I suggest you leave him alone at least for now.


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  • yeah go for it. someone has to start it. it might take a while before you can be friends. but a quick text is a great start. but text time happy holidays ______. the blank is his name. so he knows he's not getting a mass text


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