How to let someone down?

Okay I have no idea what to do anymore. This guy I worked with is being really weird and I don't know how exactly to tell him to cool it. I'm not one to be like "hey f- off" so I need advice on how to say that nicely. This guy, "Jake", knows I've been in a relationship for over a year and a half and it seems like he doesn't care. He's poked my sides and tried to tickle me, tried to hug me several times, tried to make fun of my boyfriend, got my number from a friend and attempted to text me constantly which failed (I deleted everything he sent me), and he knows that my boyfriend goes to school 6 hours from where I live and has said he wants to be my "fill-in boyfriend" while he's away to which I reply with he can keep dreaming. This is considered hitting on someone, correct? Oh, and my friend has even said that he's jealous of my boyfriend and that creeps me out. How do I let him down without being a complete b*tch?


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  • Just stop being friends and stop talking with him. It's not being a b*tch, he is overstepping his privileges as a friend and you obviously aren't willing to let him.

    • so if I stop talking to him all-together, will he finally get the hint that I don't want any sort of relationship with him?

    • I'm pretty sure he has already gotten the hint, he just doesn't want to give up. Have you told him that you don't want any sort of relationship with him?...

      Anyways, it's really the only thing that you can do.

    • well, I haven't outright said "hey, I don't want to be near you back the hell off" but he'll say oh let's hang out and I say no. and if he tries talking to me I just bring up my boyfriend and that usually gets him to stfu. ugh I hate men. -_-

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