Cheated on and obsessed with past, who do I believe her or "them"?

OK first off I'm 10 years older than my currently now ex again... we started dating when she was 17. After a couple months she got pregnant. During the summer she slept with a guy. She denied it for over a year until she thought I was cheating and she through it up in my face how good it was how big he was etc. when I first met her she admitted to liking the "bigger ones" (I'm avg). well since then we been together until the past couple weeks. during spring (2010) we fussed again and she broke up with me. next night she slept with another guy. again denied it. so few months pass and I was in an accident and she breaks up with me again claiming we were never together. She sleeps with two more guys over the next month one of them the same guy she cheated on me with the first time. So again month later we get back together. Admits that she slept with those 3 guys and wants to start clean. she says she slept with them because she was drinking but also I find out from her they were all "hung". so after a month her stories just don't add up so I'm like f*** it so I call the guys. they were nice said they never knew she was in relationship and all their stories match to a T. she slept with them was drinking but not drunk and she chased them for weeks after meeting them to the point they told her to quit messing with them. we are now broke up again because she says I can't forget the past and her mistakes. what I can't get over is who to believe and will she do it to me again. she promises me she learned her lesson but I'm still scared and unsure that she is still holding back the truth. I feel as if she only came back to me because it failed with the others. they all told me they didn't want relationships and told her but she slept with them anyway. these guys have no idea of one another, but yet stories match on details. my Girlfriend still says her story is true and to trust her and forget or past or she won't be with me which is why were are broke up now. input plz!
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Well I gave it another shot and this past November she kicked me to the curb again saying I was cheating on her because I put a <3 on a close friends Facebook. 3 days after I moved another guy was in her house staying with her. She cut all contact with me and I assume this guy was with her before we broke up.
Cheated on and obsessed with past, who do I believe her or "them"?
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