I really want to contact my ex..confused..need advice?

My ex broke up with me over a month ago, we talked for about a week after the breakup, then I didn't hear from him for a week until after I text him and he said he had lost his phone, that day he asked me what I was doing that night and I told him out with some friends he didn't know, I didn't text him for a few hours after that and he called me crying questioning who I had been with and that if I touch or do anything with another guy he would be through since we may get back together. We talked for awhile that night he kept saying he loved me and never wants to lose me, and I told him that I'm only talking to him since we may get back together and if we don't then I couldn't be friends with him, the he started crying some more saying how I'm his best friend and the only person he really has to talk to..we continued to text for a few days after that (me contacting him first) then I decided I wasn't going to initiate anymore of the conversations. He continued saying love you before saying goodnight just like he always had, the last thing he said was sweet dreams, I love you..and then that night I decided I wasn't going to text/call him unless he said something first..I really want him back but everything I read keeps saying to stay away until they contact you, since it will push them away if you do. Its now been a little over a month and I haven't heard from him at all. My birthday has come and gone and I really thought he would have text me or something but I know he's my ex for a reason so I guess I got my hopes up about that. I really don't know what to do or think..I really want to contact him but I'm confused on what to do since its been so long it would feel weird contacting him not knowing what the outcome will be...Any advice would be great!


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  • He doesn't want to get back together, he just doesn't want you to get with someone else. He only called you crying and all that because he was worried you were going out with some other guy. He said the whole 'we might get back together' to string you along and keep you from moving on with someone else. If he really did love you, then he would have called you again and at least wished you a happy birthday.

    Don't contact him, just ask yourself... do you really want to get back together with a guy who says he loves you so you won't move on, then ignores you and doesn't even wish you a happy birthday?

    • Thanks for the reply..I actually woke up to a text with him saying hey, is everything OK, then 3 hours later he said are we not talking now? I haven't text back yet and I'm not sure if I'm going too..

    • Don't!

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