I gotta know - what is she doing to me?

She broke up with me a couple days ago. I've tried the 'no contact' thing, but decided to text her anyway. She replied fairly quickly - every 5 minutes. It soon got to the point where I asked her what she wanted. She claimed before we broke up that she wanted to be friends, but now when I ask, she instantly finds an excuse, and leaves. I've asked her twice now, and she's left without answering.

...So I mean. She still replies to my texts. But she won't be straight with me.

Is she just afraid to say "Screw off."? Thanks.

I've been texting her for about 20 minutes now, and she keeps claiming that, since we're long-distance, it just hurts not being together. That's her on-going explanation. That, and I smothered her. I don't know... I think something else is in her head. Eh


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  • Listen man, women don't make sense and often act emotionally and impulsively. If she broke up with You then you can't beg for her back. What You should so is continue with NC but make it clear that You want to be with her. Send her a letter or something that says that I want to respect your space, so I am writing this letter. I want You to know I will be there when your ready to talk, but know that I love you and want to make this work, but until then I need yo be by myself and heal." Then really initiative NC. A broken heart hurts more than getting the sh*t kicked out of you. But you need to be relentless and strong and do this. The purpose of NC is not to get back together, but to prevent You from making things worst. Everytime You wanna text her post on this site. Everytime you go to call her, call a friend instead. Cry if you need to, holding in emotions will hurt You more in the end. It always sucks, and there are people here to help. Don't tell her to screw off, this will make things worst. Just tell her what I said, NC, do the smile lie in public. Make sure she finds out from friends or fb or something that You are okay without her. After some time, 2-3 months, reach out to her. Heartbreak sucks my friend, I feel your pain. We need to be strong.


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