Moving in with a crush?

Ive known the girl for maybe a couple of months now, we get along really well, lots in common, make her laugh etc. Anyway a couple of weeks back she asked me to move in with her and I don't know what to do? She's already a really good friend, someone I would like to live with, but she's also someone I'm pretty sure I'm starting to feel a bit more strongly for. I don't know if living with her would be a good idea or will just be too frustrating / pretty much drive me insane. For all I make her laugh, I think she likes me, I don't get the vibe its any sort of "romantic feeling" on her part.

Any advice would be crazy helpful right now?!?!?!?!



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  • Ive had 3 diff roomates and needless to say the one that worked out the best was with the person I knew for over a year. Moving in with someone youve only known for a couple of months might be risky. Esp if you like the person, moving in would prob ruin it. Sorry speaking from experience :(


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