Should I leave my boyfriend?

I went through a major operation two days ago and today I went home.

My boyfriend keeps saying how he’ll do anything for me and I’m very visibly sick and tired, that I feel very vulnerable and like I need him there for me.

His sister has a play this evening and we didn’t tell anyone I was getting an operation.

i asked him not to go but he said no even though he knows what I feel.

i just think if he is bailing on me now, do I really want to have children with him?


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  • I support your guys decision for several reasons:

    1. He is just dating you, but his sister is Family and Family comes first. Now when you have kids together I hope you are married and the dynamic changes then.

    2. You said his family doesn’t know about the surgery. So he might disappoint his sister if she thinks he ghosted her play for no good reason. He doesn’t want to hurt her.

    3. Medically although the surgery was serious you are stable enough to be sent home. That means the hospital staff thought you will be ok at home. Isn’t anyone else there to help you for a few hours when he is at the play?

    4. There are times even when you feel negatively when he will decide to do something else. This is positive for your relationship because it means he is independent enough to make his own decisions. If he changed his mind just because you felt badly every time eventually you would see him as clingy and weak.


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  • If he had nothing to do I'd say yes but.. your operation was two days ago and he can't completely stop his life for you. He also has other people like his family. As long as he still visits you.. while keeping up with his family, I think you're more than fine. Actually a good thing in my opinion


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  • I agree with most of the comments. below for one don't break up. there is not point in it.. 2 if you break up his gone and will not be helping you out.. 3 I get that your sick still but your mind is wack. A guy thats showing you he cares if a fresh thing your next guy mint not even car if your well or not

  • Something to think about for sure. I think children is a little ways off, so that might not be the best comparison. I get where you're going with it though


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