Am I the only one thinking this girl's got some mental issues?

She breaks up with me, but says we should be friends. Alright, cool. I try talking to her another day, and soon she says "We can't be friends."

Today I told her straight up that I missed the hell out of her when she broke up with me. I sent her 'our song' in the message. She said "Be mine." and "You're in my heart..." and crap like that.

An hour later she tells me "Stop texting, you're pissing me off." for no reason. She then denies ever saying "Be mine."

...What the HELL is she doing!?

Then she texts me saying... "I want you. I can't have you. Don't talk to me."


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What Girls Said 1

  • Ok hang on. She is not mental she just has some issues. For starters she is just unsure what she wants. Why did you guys break up in the first place?

    As her ex maybe you should sit her down and ask her what is going on. I mean nothing happens for a reason

    • She's just. I don't even know right now. I really don't. She broke up with me, because I was 'smothering' her.

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    • Ok so you obviously don't want her anymore. Than that's it. Just let it go and if she contiunes with this nonsense than tell her you don't want her and leave it there.

    • I do want her. I want her bad. She's just SUDDENLY changed her opinion.

What Guys Said 1

  • Nah, you're right, she's a psycho b1tch.


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