Patching things back up with the ex or not??

so my girlfriend asked what would I do if she left I told her I don't know and she says well were about to find out cause its over I told her fine she asked what am I gonna do I said "try and find my ex and patch things up and see if I can make that work" ... wow yes I know but here lately I have been talking to my ex a lot texting calling talking web cam chats etc just laughing and when we dated before we started in April she was on the phone and she said "so one year in april huh? " we met in April and started dating in April she got with her ex after leaving me in September because I moved away now I'm back and she knows I am single she wants to come over and I keep telling her she needs to we talked from 2:30 till 7 on yahoo webcam and imvu like I said she is dating her ex currently she said it has its ups and downs in the relationship but its OK her boyfriend doesn't want her around me he actually stole her phone and texted me that she was spending the night at stryders and couldn't come over Saturday which wasn't true when we talked on the phone we scheduled Dec 26th to hang out but I'm wondering do you think she wants to get back with me?
today on the phone I told her quote " I love you" she said "i love you" then did a little laugh a cute little laugh :) what do you think girls yes or no?


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  • I think she might want to give it another go.


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