Think I let her get away with too much?

OK me and my girlfriend have split up since Friday night, all because she got the wrong end of what I said and the fact she uses me as a doormat. We have a long history but essentially part of the break down I feel is that I was too nice, I was too available and I was always too scared it would end so ended up pretty much bowing down to her... Feel like a mug now!

Question is... May sound stupid but want to prove to her as well as myself that I'm none of the above and I will say no. Every time we split up, I have been the one to try and get her back as well.

What I want to know is how can I show I'm not a walk over...

If/when she calls or text next, not reply?! If she asks to meet, say I'm busy?!

Feel as if I wasn't man enough at times and feel like a mug for it. I'm

Not going to contact her, f that but it's a kick in the teeth when you feel like she finished it because I was too much of a pussy!

Give her an inch and she took a mile so I'm not even sure I want to be with her anyway but at least it will make her realize she made a big mistake...

Any ideas?!

Anyway have messaged her and pretty much said this 'I would just like to thank you for making me realize how much of a p**** I was when it came to you and how I let you get away with so much...jeez what was I thinking. Anyway a testosterone fuelled
Weekend has sorted that out, hope your daughters OK and no need to reply' this along with no contact will have her question her actions I think...


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What Girls Said 1

  • boy god, grow some balls(sorry lol), you break off any contact you have with her, and stop thinking about it. the more you think about it the more of a doormat you become. move on, cod awaits, hit up a bar with buddies or something, you are above this. If you don't move on you'll always be a doormat.

    • Lol I think you think I'm a complete wreck about this... By cod are you meaning call of duty?! Me not getting in contact with her is going to throw her off...

    • haha yea just a bit.. yes I mean call of duty, and yes you want to throw her off, you guys split up.

What Guys Said 1

  • I don't contact any of my exes. Romantically, there is nothing there anymore (hence the breakups), so what's the point? I tell them to never contact me again. If they do after that.../ignore.

    You are not available. You are a busy man... busy with dating many beautiful women. You are a challenge...mysterious. You say no to women. You look for what YOU want...not what women want.

    Remember, trying to make your ex jealous or regret dumping you only makes you weak. If you step it up and take care of you first, things will take care of themselves.


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