Torn about what to do?

Was with my ex for a year but she dumped me. She refused to work out the problem and ran from it instead. She wants to be friends because she feels we understood each other so well.

I'm not sure if old feelings will return if we become friends. I don't want to fall for her again when she feels nothing for me anymore.
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And the problem was bad communication that could have been solved--no cheating, abuse, repeated arguments or whatever.


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  • It's never a good idea to be friends with an ex... its just a messy messy situation.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Friendship never works, in my experience any way.

    It just leads you to having more feelings for them.. whilst they're happy being friends with you. I've always been the "it's all or nothing" type of person.

    I'm sure you have enough friends that you are happy with that you don't need another that you may develop feelings for! :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Move on. The "friendship" ended when you became a couple. Feelings will NEVER return if she thinks of you as just a friend. It will be onesided. She will get to have you there for her almost the exact same way as a relationship, but with no intimacy. She will get her fix from that and there will be no reason to want you for anything more. You will be left behind as you watch her eventually get with someone else knowing how you feel about her. You have friends already. Start dating other girls and cut all communication with her.


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