Why did he break up with me right before X-mas?!

We were together 5 months, then broke up because I moved overseas for grad school and we decided to just try to be friends. A few days before I came home for Christmas- he tells me we shouldn't continue things- since we planned to spend New Years together.

He told me I'm the most interesting girl he met but that I am overseas and probably never moving home. He said he had other reasons too. He said we come from different worlds- he's preppy, rich, popular- I'm a global hipster chick whose lived in Africa, Asia, etc.

I really liked him and told him I hope we stay friends. I am still in love with him but thinking friends is the best route... we are meeting up this weekend just for coffee- I purposely planned something right after with another friends so that I won't get sucked into spending the whole day with him.

Is there anyway to get him back? Is he completely over me? And why would he break up right before I came home when the last three months we've been talking about sex like all the time! He swears there is no other girl involved... I was the first girl he had brought home in 2 years.


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  • just cause he says there isn't another girl doesn't mean it isn't possible.

    • so what if there is? I highly doubt it though considering he was single for two years before me...

  • he probably doesn't want to get attached again.

    • anything I can do to change his mind?

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