His ex is obsessed with him?!

My boyfriend dated his ex for about 6 years. He ended up proposing to her because their relationship was falling apart once they moved in together and he, naively, thought it would help bring them closer again. It was his decision to end it. They've been apart now for at least six years and he's had another girlfriend in between me and her, but she still wears his engagement ring, she still rings him and texts him, and he refuses to tell her about me properly. I don't want him to give her my life story... but he says he doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Well its hurting my feelings that he's putting his ex of 6 years ago before me - it bothers me that she wears his ring sending out the message to other men 'I'm engaged' - to MY boyfriend. I sound like a spoilt brat but she really intimidates me as they were together for such a long time.


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  • Yeah he needs to put his boot down. On his ex's neck. And tell her.. "Stop it. Okay? Stop it. Just. Stop it. You need to move on from me." Then he needs to proceed to his car and drive away like nothing happened.

    • Thanks. lol I figured this would be a good strategy.

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  • the engagement never really broke up then...you came into the relationship somewhere into his past, still-ongoing relationship...he needs to chop that cancer off or you need to break up with him...it doesn't make sense that he can be a friend to someone he's engaged to

    • He knows he can't be her friend, he always ignores all her calls and texts and stuff. And they had a reaaaallly bad breakup, she tried to kill herself etc and so I do understand why he doesn't want to upset her. do you really think she still think's she's technically engaged? I don't want to get him into loads of new hassle by starting to talk to her again but it really means a lot to me that she knows we're together, especially as I'm about to move in. thanks for your reply!

  • You have the right to be pissed... I would be too... If he cares about you then he should man up and tell her about you. If he's not willing to stand up for you then you really shouldn't be with him. Especially if it has to do with his ex.

    I hate to say it but odds are he still has feeling for her and he's going to need someone to give him a good push to make him move on

    • yeah maybe you're right... he always says that I mean more to him than any of his ex's did and he'll do anything to prove it, but the proof is in the pudding... He should tell her and prove it! thanks for your advice :)

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