My ex-boyfriend who now geso out with my cousin was my best friend after we broke up and before he went out

with my cousin me and my cousin are still really close so I'm kinda always with them and even when I'm not with her and I am with just him he ignores me now I don't understand I'm just wondering why he has so suddenly stopped being my best friend and started ignoring me but if I bring up how I want to move out of this dumb town he freaks out but if I say I don't wanna talk to him he's okay with it ? I'm really confused and annoyed.

please help pleaseee he's my best friend and I don't want to lose that over a stupid thing and I don't even know what the stupid thing is.

By the way I know my grammar was atrocious and I sound so young and all but I truly would love it if someone at leats put their opinion of why they would do that so I'd have somewhat of an idea why he's doing this when it makes utterly no sense!


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  • his girlfriend is family to you...this is a big conflict issue


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