I think I know what I should do... but I'm still not sure.

Long story short I like his guy. He has a girlfriend, but we had a bit of a "late night confession" (that's a dramatic way to put it but he called one night) and he likes me too. Just not as much as his girlfriend. He's recently told me that he's liked me since the beginning of the school year, while I had a boyfriend. (He hooked up with his girlfriend in October) So after all that background... I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna wait for him. I don't know how long those two will last, but I'm willing to wait it out, cuz... he definitely looks like a keeper. But should I really just move on? Or do I have the right idea?


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  • If he really liked you he would dump his girlfriend to be with you. When a guy tells you "I like you but I have feelings for her" or "I like you but I like her better right now" That's his way of trying to get in your pants without having to break up with the girl he wants to date to make you think that if you give him something he will chose you over her. Think about how you would feel if you were the girl he was with and told some other girl what he just told you. Forget him and move on don't wait for anyone if they want to be with you they will make it happen. By putting yourself on the shelf for him you become less attractive in his eyes. If he really wants it he will make it happen don't put it on your own shoulders.

  • move on until he's single and stable


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