Feeling regretful but I had to do it. Do you think she is ok?

so this is the story. I have been broken up with my ex for 11months after she decieded to get back with her ex. I was f***ing hurt but I let her go. She texts me after 9 months wishing me happy birthday and gradually chatting more and more. One day she says to me would you like to catch up and I'm like "yeah so bad" and then we catch up and she says see you again. And then I text her and she reples like she doesn't want to talk to me anymore so I say things like hope you are alright because I do really care about her so much but now she doesn't reply. Is she trying to see if ill lose it and tell her that I love her or telling me to get lost. If so then why contact me after breaking my heart like that? So anyway after ignoring me for a while I said "What are you doing to me? why are you ignoring me it isn't fair. I really do care about you." Was what I said a bit too harsh because I have never sent a mean text to anyone before.


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  • Sorry to hear your situation. Be very careful. A lot of people have a ex that has a lot of emotional control over them. In my situation, My ex broke up with me. The reason is because of distance, no major problem. She has a new guy but she is still attached to me emotionally. She left me, it hurt like but I took it like a man. I understood where she was coming from. The distance was hard on her. we were together for quite a while then it turned long distance. I met the new guy, I have nothing bad to say about him. He is a decent person as far as I know. But she does not love him. when ever I go to her city( we have mutual friends) they hang out with us. She won't hold hands or kiss him when I'm around. They constantly fight over me. She broke up with me but if I move back to her city tonight she will drop him in a heart beat. I'm not saying that we would last but it would be a back and forth between me and any other guy. BE extremely careful when dealing with a Girl that goes back to an ex. They have unresolved issues. so to get back to your story she might just be making sure you're still waiting for her if she wants to take time off from him for a while, get back with you then leave again when she decides to get back with this guy. Or maybe she is genuinely thinking of getting back with you. But be very careful. Don't follow your heart all the time pay attention to what your brain says


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  • how long ago did you meet up with her... I'm intrigued. I'm meeting my ex Monday lunch, I'm really not sure if I should be doing it. Pain of not seeing him vs pain of seeing him is a hard one. ?

    • We had lunch at 12 and went for a walk and she went to the toilet a few times then we went for another walk at the beach and then we went shopping because she lost her earings and then we got some coffee and at about 5 or 6 we went home. It was a bit uncomfortable for me because last time we were together we were holding hands and she would sleep on my sholder and things so it was very hard. It sucks I really miss her now and she doesn't text me back. She has to have some clue that its hard 4 me.

  • She clearly isn't happy in her current relationship. I think what you said was fair enough tbh. She is clearly confused. I would put money on her texting you again, back off a few days at least and see what happens. Don't feel bad that was a legitimate response to how she has acted if she gets annoyed that's only cos she knows she shouldn't have ignored u.

    • Agree. Most likely she is very unhappy with the her current relationship and when she think back of what a loving relationship should be like, she thought of you. She is probably ignoring you or nor responding to your text just because she knows its not proper to text another guy (you) when she already has a boyfriend.

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