What do I do? Who do I choose?

My ex girlfriend told me she wants to get back together but she is dating someone else right now. My best friend (girl) is having problems with her boyfriend and I had told her once before that if they ever broke up I would probably end up asking her out. At the same time I have this other friend that I like and I think she likes me also, but we hardly ever talk. I don't know what to do here. It would be great to get back together with my ex, I would have a lot of fun dating my best friend, and my other friend I can't seem to stop think about.


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  • It matters if you like your ex better? I think going out with your best girlfriend is a good idea, but think about if you broke up. Nothing would be the same. Figure out if she feels the same about you before you ask her out. It might ruin your friend ship, but the worst that could happen is her saying no.

    • And what about the other friend?

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