Does this mean he might be cheating?

My boyfriend has always been a little jealous but recently he has been REALLY suspicious of me even though I've done nothing wrong. I know I haven't done anything so I'm wondering is he acting like this because HE is cheating?

Also his ex girlfriend is a model which makes me worry because I am NOT a model!


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  • Yeah I definitely don't know the exact situation, but it's debatable for sure. I was having issues with my ex and he was acting very strangely all of a sudden when everything was fine before. Every single one of my friends I told my situation to told me whenever they seem to get jealous for no reason and blame you that they are the real culprits. I hope whatever happens will be to your benefit in the end!


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  • maby he's just afraid to loose you to some other guy jealousy is a bitch makes you do crazy things...


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  • Could certainly be cheating on you. This happened to me.. I was dating a guy. He went to a resort with his family in Jamaica and was going on about how much fun it was that I decided to go with my sister. Well he freaked out and didn't want me to go without him. Something was off and when I pushed him - asked him if something was going on that I should know about, he admitted he slept with a staff member at the resort... hope my story helps you figure it out.


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