I need to know what my EX is thinking?

my ex & I were together 3 yrs, he broke up with me 5 months ago,

we didn't have contact or talk for 3 months, then 2 months ago he contacted me,

we hungout I brought up our break up, asked if there was anything he wanted to say to me, I told him I still had feelings for him, and he didn't say anything.

(oh and while we've been broken up I KNOW he hasn't been with anyone)

but now over the last 2 months we've hungout more and more and he treats me just like he did when we were together. (minus kissing, touching ect)

could he have feelings for me again maybe, or am I just getting my hopes up =(?

could we ever get back together?

is there anything I can do to get him back?

I need to know what my EX is thinking?
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