I broke the no contact period.........and saw the ex, just when things were getting better....

so guys and girls. I have been happy dating and playing around a bit in the past month or so. its been great.

The thing is the ex called after like 3 weeks so I agreed to meeting up. We had dinner and a walk along the beach, had a bit of contact and hugging WTF...then ended back at her place cuddling on the couch. old feelings ect!

After a while she went to bed so I did the manly thing and gave her a peck on the cheek good bye and left.

Now this is my question...

Is she doing this to get me back or is she doing this to string me along? she has had heard that I'm dating again and having fun so is this an attempt to show me she still has feelings.

I left her place a little confused, but in the back of my mind I was saying it was a nice evening, I'm still happy dating and being single. what do I do from here. continue as I was or find out what she is playing at.

Help Please


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  • Listen to your voice from your soul, you ended with, what is she playing. The key word is playing, there is something inside you that has already identified this as playing. The next question is, do you think enough of yourself not to be played with? Before you allowed her back into the picture, you sounded more grounded, called yourself happily dating. This sounds like a sure solid place for you. When people's intentions aren't clear, then be wise. Anytime a person comes in your life, they want something from you. You just need to figure out if it is good or bad.

    For example: A friend comes into your life for good communication, build you up. have fun hangin out together. But A bad person comes in your life to tear you down, emotionally, mentally, spiritually physically. It doesn't take long to figure a good friends intentions, they are always clear. I'm a woman and I know women like this girl figure she can use her body to stop you from dating and being happy as you said. See I have a problem with chicks like this. Rather than be a real woman and say, I still have feelings for you and I would like to know if you are interested in me showing you how much I care by talking often. I want to see you again, but take it slow. What's wrong with being honest. No some people think being sneaky, manipulating is the way back into someone's heart. Don't be confused my friend. Stay single and mingle. True love is always clear, until it is clear to you, let this girl go somehwere else and play. You enjoy your life. And that is a reality not a game

    Have a nice day


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  • It could be a number of things... she could be stringing you along and seeing you so that you won't get too involved with someone else, or hearing that you are moving on has made her realize she's not ready to lose you.

    Keep doing what your doing, dating and limiting contact and see what she does. If she does want to get back together she will bring it up.

    But you shouldn't see her anymore, because if you spend time with her and things start to be like they used to be she will get everything she needs from you without having to commit to you. So next time she wants to hang out, tell her it was great seeing her again but you need to move on and you need some space... see what her reaction is.

    • Really good advice thanks..i think I might just see what her reaction is. it strung out for far to long time to break all ties and see what happens.

  • who broke up with who?

    did she break up with you? or did you break up with her? and on what reason?

    • i broke up with her for the reason I found out she was seeing someone else behind my back. been 4 months since then. I have played it cool and not contacted her initially but she keeps in contact at least once a week. its hard to not talk to her as she was my best mate, but she stuffed it. having commitment isuess, part of her wanted to settle down part of her didn't. check out my other questions to see the real story :)

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  • You're right in so far as it's one of two things

    A) She was proving to you and herself you can still be friends and that you still matter to each other, it just didn't work. Fair enough, these things happen, its nice to be able to stay in touch sometimes.


    B) She's game playing, either vindictively in that she is aware she's being evil in stringing you along, or maybe more realistically, she's wanting to prove to herself you still care.

    Now if you may be interested in something romantic, then I'd give it a few days and invite her on what is obviously a date. If she goes along, then tell her your view on the date.

    If she says no to the date idea in a nice way then just take that as a subtle hint and move on if you can.

    If you get the feeling she's playing you about just to make herself feel good, then do you really want a person like that in your life at all? I wouldn't!

    Good luck

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