Is he ever going to contact me?

Its been like a month since we broke up...we haven't talked..his bff who is a girl she got closer to me since the break up..she calls me her bff..idk if this is the way he is trying to know about me? but she tells me that she is not gonna share any secret of mine with my she respects both of us..and also she tells me to move on and stop thinking abt my ex..before on facebook he never used to comment but now since few days he has been commenting right after my comments on her facebook..what does this mean? and when I asked her if he is seeing someone..she said no he is not..and that he is focusing on studies..? is he ever going to come back to me?


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  • You need to move on, start dating and enjoying being single. Once he hears this, if he doesn't want to lose you he let you know. But if you start to move on and he doesn't care then you really need to move on.

    And you should limit the time you spend with his friend. To move on you need space from him and hanging out with her is like hanging out with him by association because she's telling you all about him and reminding you of him. If you really want to continue spending time with her you need to not talk about him at all.

  • no. he's moved on and you're trying to see little signs that aren't there


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