Girlfriend dumped me for specific reasons, but gone other

Well basically me and my girlfriend split up almost 3 weeks ago after 3.5 years together. She told me that she wanted to just be able to go out and have fun, hang out with her pals, meet new people, explore and experience new things, not be tied down to a relationship just now (we are both 20) and to be single for quite sometime... We spoke on the phone and through email once within the next 5 days and that's where she said again that she wanted all of the above and that she wouldn't be moving on that fast as she is happy to be alone and single...Well, 4 days later she goes to a friends beach party and apparently they start talking. She told me 2 days ago that they have been hanging out quite a lot and that "she really likes him" and "he seems to like her" and that they are more than friends and they have already done flirting/kissing/and som bedroom activities...It doesn't make senseconsidering why she broke up with me in the first place! She moved on within a week and basically in a new relationship already. Also she has never been the type of girl to jump into a relationship that fast before, so again that doesn't make sense. we split up for just under a month a year ago and she met someone after 1 week then too, however they only hung out a couple times and only managed kissing a couple of times. She said that she had made a mistake going with him as it wasn't what she wanted. That she tried being with someone else and didint like it nor want it again in future and that she just wanted to be with me forever... my friends and family all are furious with what she has done and eem to think it was more pre planned. She says she wants to have more space and time apart from me so she can sort of forget the 3.5 years in such a way, but to me and others it seems like she has already forgotten them considering what she's done...She said she hasn't and I'm being stupid... :S

In all I just don't know what oo do or think about th situation. I have came over for a holiday to scotland to see my family for the last 2 months almost, and this is where she says she's done a lot of changing, I don't think by herself though...everyone says others must have said something...Obviously not being there, she's missed out on the happiness, love and lust and do you think that's why she's gone straight to a new boy because she missed it or another reason?

What do you think about the whole situation of wanting to be single but then straight to a new guy?

Basically I'm just asking for advice on what to say/do or what you think about everything I have said...? I didn't want to split with her and I love her and care for her to pieces. She says she cares for me a lot and always loved me and that she's really sorry. If sh did care or was really sorry, she would stop what she's doing right and think of not just herself?

Peiple have said it seems to be a lot of cofusing in her mind and that...

What does everyone think? Advice, please help? :(

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I hear what everyone is saying and I know I have to move on from it and deserve better. We started dating just 16.5. The guy, we saw at a few parties in past but they never spoke. I can't know from being in scotland this time. But they never talked before
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So I don't think she did anything before with him. My friends all knew they never spoke to each other until just recently. I can't answer for the last month since being out of the country... But she's not a cheater and always assured me of that...
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I don't get why considering she had a thing a year ago and said it wasn't right for her and that I was who she wanted and didn't want to be with someone else.. We were really happy together when I left for the UK. I agree that rest of it sounds like lies.
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Just to finish what I was trying to say to you Jonny. we've met at parties before but my ex and him have never ever spoken to each other. Never had phone numbers, email or new each other up until last two weeks, so I don't think its that
Girlfriend dumped me for specific reasons, but gone other
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