When it comes to cheating?

Would you prefer a partner that wasn't tempted to cheat and didn't really look at other people?

Or would you rather have a partner who is tempted but still doesn't cheat? even though he/she looked at other people?

And which type are you?


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  • the first one definitely

    • But don't you think it would take more love to be tempted and resist the temptation? its like bravery, it doesn't mean to not be afraid, it means to face the fear and not let it stop you. Wouldn't this be the same thing?

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    • uh no.trust has nothing to do with this. look at all the celebrity marriages, they break up so quickly because they have more temptations than a regular person

    • ok if you're basing this on celebrities, you're not worth my time.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I'm with the other girls. Even though my boyfriend is very trustworthy and I know he won't cheat on me, it is still very upsetting when he finds other girls sexy or beautiful

    • but its impossible to not find other girls attractive, literally. what you're doing to your man by not letting him look at other girls is just forcing him to lie to you to avoid hurting your feelings.

      i don't really like it when my girl tells me about other handsome men, but I love that we're honest with each other. I tell her when a girl is hot and she doesn't really mind. she gives me the whole "look but don't touch" and I'm OK with that, I don't want to touch them.

  • I guess I would prefer someone who is dedicated and attracted to me and does not need to look at other people or have the urge to be with someone else..


What Guys Said 1

  • I am the type of person who will look at other women, but I am not tempted to cheat.

    It would be naive of me to think my wife never look at other men. As long as she's not tempted to cheat I am fine with it.


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