My ex keeps contacting me and keeps giving me wrong impressions...

i went out with this amazing women for 4 years. Then she left me because she said she lost feelings for me. that's when this nightmare started... I was very sad and hurt. it was extremely hard for her too. about a month after, we tried to start new. it was going OK. we took are time and everything.. she left on vacation to see a friend and when she came bck she said that it was not a good idea to try to make this relationship work. again it was hard on both of us. she met someone else down there and I found out via FB about 2 months later... no problem I can understand that. sh*t happens. now its been 8 month we are not toghether and about 5 months she is with her new boyfriend. the thing is that she contacts me every 5 or 6 weeks and she gives me the impression that she still love me. saying that sometimes she regrets her decision bla bla. so since I still have feelings for her I try to see her call her and when I do she goes crazy on me saying she has a boyfriend now. and when this happens I get sad and depress again. its hard for me not to pick up the phoe when she calls...this situation occured 3 times already. what should I do...


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  • Dont be available for her when she calls. She is just doing this to see if you will answer, its her way of seeing if stuff doesn't go right with the new guy to make sure she has something to fall one. Its obvious she still has feelings for you...4 years worth of feelings don't go away very easy! give her the space she wants, she kicked you out of her her what its gonna be like have you out of her life. I wish you luck. Stay Strong!

    • you make sense alot. but sh*t its hard not to answer.. I tried but every time she finds a way to suck me in again. last time, she called me because her brother was not doing good and ask me if I would like to hang out with him to cheer him. I accepted without hesitation. couple days after, I called her to give her some feedback about her brother and she never answered. I texted her and she went nuts saying we can't talk or see each other... to leave her and her boyfriend alone I don't recognize her nomore

    • sheesh I need to proof read my answers before I post yeah she really knows how to get you. She knows your there at her every need..even if that does mean using you to be there for her family, etc. I DEF know how hard it is not to contact feels like if you don't answer that MIGHT be that one time that maybe she wants to work things out or just the simple fact hearing her voice makes you feel good...but its giving you false hope! STAY STRONG! STAND YOUR GROUND!GLUCK!

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