Ex boyfriend may be addicted to coke and I'm concerned for him.

I still have feelings for my ex boyfriend, whom I just hung out with last week. I had contacted him, wanting to see him, and he accepted. He had been avoiding me for months, until then. When I saw him, he seemed fine, like when we were together, funny, attentive. I could tell he missed me. We were fooling around and he happened to say, "The coke is wearing off". He had done it a few times when we were together, but it was always on a special occasion, like holidays. Well, he's back to avoiding me and even said he doesn't want to "make it a habit" of hanging out with me, and that he wants "to stick to his word". I know he has an addiction because he switches behavior with me. I want to be there as a friend, I always have, but he pushes me away by saying these things, but he has never come out and said to leave him be and just move on.

Can someone please tell me how I should handle this with him? I try so hard to move on and forget about him, but there's something there that keeps me wanting to make sure he's ok.


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  • Wow. Thank you for posting this. I don't think you realize how much strength & courage it takes to tell your story. First off, my ex had issues with coke also. He would most of the time just smoke weed but he had to smoke every single day which let me know that using something else was not. Out of the question. He then turned to cocaine & is now an avid crystal methamphetamine user. You have no idea how it breaks my heart when I see him high (we live in a small city & bump into one another often). He always had an addictive personality & I knew it was a matter of time before he started doing other drugs. Its sad because I still love him dearly. I have a child (she's not his) that also loves him but when we tried to get back together last time, I found outt about the meth & broke things off. I can't have someone like that around my daughter. He has the biggest heart & is so loving & kind but he is deteriorating fast since he started doing meth. Now don't get me wrong, I attempted to help him get clean before we parted ways but the addiction has him by the ankles. I think he'll die from it before he wiill get the chance to get clean for real. He only weighs 130 lbs now & he is 5'7. He is miserable & lives his life in a very scary way. I feel sorry for him but there's nothing I can do. My hands are tied & I have a child who depends on me to love her & protect her. Having said that, if you try to help him & he rejects your help, move on. I know its easier said than done but when they start to push you away & start lying about the drugs they are doing, they are officially an addict. Only God can save him now. But he has to want to be saved. Good luck, doll!

    • Wow, Thank you so much for being so sweet and compassionate! This was something I felt I wanted to get out there and talk about. He is always on my mind, and over the months I have refused to let him go. I don't know why he is trying to push me away, yet, he WILL NOT tell me he doesn't want me in his life. That's why I know he's got this "push/pull" behavior going on. He puts up this wall, then, when he feels "safe" he'll break it down temporarily to let me back in. But I keep at him, you know?

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