I'm freaking out.... why?

My ex sent me a pic of our daughter. I've kind of cut off all emotions to the child because I've been pretty much alienated from the child's life. The pictures come very rarely and all the presents I've sent over the past 3 years have been sent back.

The mother I hate with a strong passion and have had many fantasies about using her eye sockets as an ashtray while she's still alive.

All that aside though I can normally be nice and keep a clear head when she decides to contact me (usually wanting money or sending me pictures of my daughter and her current boyfriend). However this time... I'm freaking out. My stomach is turning knots and I'm shaking. Y?


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  • You didn't mention if you had visitation rights. That should be the first thing you need to look into. If you really want to be in your daughters life, you will need to legally prepare for it so you can stop the crazy mind games her mother is doing. And please don't do anything that will get you into any legal trouble. Sometimes witchy girls like this do these things so they can be rid of you. Beat her at her own game. Maybe lay low for a while. In the meantime,journal everything. When your daughter gets old enough to understand you will have evidence of what her mom did to keep you apart. Then Mom is going to have some explaining to do, her daugher may resent her. Sad to say people do reap what they sow. It's tough for you now, but be patiend and keep your life safe. Your day will come . Your daughter will grow up one day and want the truth. So be ready to provide truth and your love. Because it is coming for ya


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  • It's probably cause you haven't seen her at all and you're afraid that she wants somthing. But Don't cut your self out from your daughter will come looing for you. or you could just fight for rights. but Its understandable to be stressed about it I think anyone would.

    • I tried fighting for my rights. Problem is I can't afford a lawyer which leaves me with legal aid who pretty much told me "you're f***ed"

    • Well then he's an asshole.. but as long as you keep trying someday your daughter will come looking for her daddy and as long as you explain and try to tell her that you tried your best she has no reason to hate you or be mad. so when the day comes and she's looking for you you'll be able to see her all the time and tell her you tried.

  • You hate the mother with a strong passion because you used to love her with a strong passion. And you hate your loving her before. You need to forgive your past and her. The past has become truth but the future is in your control. You and your ex don't have a happy ending, but it doesn't mean you can't be a good father. Your daughter is innocent and she needs your love. Your ex is just do this to you for your daughter as a mother. I believe she never mean to hurt you.

    I hope what I say can help you feel better.

  • It's not normal to be that stressed. But if you want to be apart of your daughter's life, you really need to work on maintaining at the very least an acquaintance-like relationship with your ex so you can communicate without wanting to kill her or keel over. I think it's nice of you to make an effort to send your daughter gifts and help her mother out with money sporadically.

    • I pay child support when I can, which is pretty much when I get a student stipend. However I just assume cut all ties with the mother. My daughter always has door open and I always make sure she has my address/phone number just in case my daughter needs to get in touch with me. IDKY but this is the first time I've freaked out this much about it.

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    • i hope. last time this happened I ended up in the psyche ward.

    • I hope not*

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