Can she forgive me? do I have a second chance?

There was this girl we started to get close then I came on to strong,( we were both flirting)she did not like that and backed off I got frustrated and things went bad we gave each other a lot of crap. now she looks like she is in to someone new. Should I say I m sorry and I that I acted like a fool. (yesterday she talked to me about the first time we met and she was smiling as she told me her souvenir of that time, we had a good laugh about it) I think I lost big time and I will never get a chance with this girl do girls forgive and give a guys a second chance? Or am I just a fool to think I have a second chance(I don't want to be in the friends zone with her).

well I will never get a second chance. she keeps talking about her boyfriend.
i told her I liked her and she looked at me like a peace of crap ( bravo for telling me that I am not interested really not interested. asked me if I would get over it ) she got up and went out for a smoke.
when I got back from the operation she was happy to see me, at the end of the week she got mad at me and told me she dose not love me never did and never will. and that it's all in my head.

and that I'm harassing her. now I lost my job.


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  • aw sweetie, I'm sorry, I was in a similar situation. everyone deserves a second chance, and you could get one. unfortunetly what's done is done, and just be like how you always were. p.s. don't over think things (I know how that goes).

    • thanks . I would be verry happy to get a second chance .and let things go as they go and not over think things. but the way things are going I don't think so :-(

  • I think if a girl truly likes you she will give you a second chance. I'm kind of going through that with a guy I've been talking waiting to see if he will come around to give us a second try...i keep telling myself..if he really liked me he will come around..I think if she liked you once..chances are she could like you again. She put you in your place by backing know what you did wrong the first time don't repeat it. I think she would consider giving you a chance. Go for it.

    • i am not going to repeat the things I did wrong ( clingy and needy) I was so scared to lose her.

      now I lost her .if I hever get a second chance I will be a happy man.

      thanks .

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