Guys, what would you do if a girl that you have been friends with told you that she liked you and you didn't like her back?

if a girl that you have been friends with for a couple of years suddenly told you that she liked you and you didn't like her back?

I like this guy and I'm afraid that he doesn't feel the same about me so I just want to see what the worst possibility would be.

I don't know if he likes me or not so could you also tell me some things that you guys do when you like a girl?

And I'm in high school, I'm not an adult or anything so pretend like you are in high school if you aren't already


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  • There's no hurt in trying! Just tell him! I've taken a leap of faith many times and its turned out well. Even if they don't feel the same way, they are usually still awesome about staying friends. It flatters them. In fact I told this guy I liked him... He said he didn't feel the same way but we were still best buds. I was happy with that. Our friendship grew and grew and recently he told me he likes me. I told him, "I thought you didn't?" and he said. "well when you told me, I never thought about you that way but once I knew and kept thinking about it... really flattered me and the idea of it kept growing on me." WOW. It turned out amazing. Anyway if after you tell him he starts avoiding you or anything like that... He's just a jerk. So not worth it. Don't worry about that. They may even start teasing you about it. :) It ultimately brings you together really.

  • You may like this guy, but do you want a serious relationship with him? And do you think he's ready to get into a relationship with you? If no, I'd say leave it as it is and don't say a thing. If you wanna give it a go, by all means go ahead, keep it simple (e.g. "I like you"), but be psychologically prepared for any form of reaction that may come out from him (e.g. if he's the immature sort, he may go around spreading and gossiping behind you back about you). If you value your friendship with him more than you wanna give it a go and knowing that he may have bad reaction to this, don't say it as well. Generally it depends on yourself, and what sort of guy is he. Hope this helps.

    • thanks it helped some. he is immature, but in his own little funny way. around family, friends, and especially girls he is really sweet and nice

    • Another thing to think of, if you and him wanna get into a relationship together, are both of you prepared psychologically for the prospects of a break-up? can you guys handle it if you guys break up in this case? are you guys better off and happier with how things are going for the moment?

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