Do you think there's a chance we might get back together?

I asked my ex boyfriend if he would like to go out to dinner or bowling he text me back working sorry that was at like 6pm well 3am he text me and says why do you wanna go to dinner with me I say I was just asking and then he says oh alright didn't think you liked seeing me do you think he still wants me in his life


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  • It depends.. why did you guys breakup?

    • Somthing stupid he worked to much and said I deserve someone better but he still hasn't changes mail addrress he tells me I'm more intersting then doin his work scedule he tells me about his family and bout work

    • He'll come around.. give him some space for a couple of weeks

    • I give him space I don't ever text/call him he's the one that calls or text to see if he can get mail since its been 3 months and still hasn't changes his address

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  • Maybe, but after three months if you tell him how you feel and he still doesn't want you, you should have his mail change of addressed ;)

    • yea I have been tellin him he says oh I keep forgetting yeah right

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  • Theres a chance. But I had an ex like that. I would ask him to do stuff with me and he'd pull the "i didn't think you wanted to hang" and then would always make up reasons why he couldn't do something with me.


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