I have been cheated on and my ex now is so in love with her new guy.

I have been cheated on and my ex now is so in love with her new guy I have seen signs that she is cheating on me and she broke up with me just to be with him. And now she wants us to be friends! Help I'm confused!
I guess she really loves this new guy they have a photo showing sweetness with each other and kissing. How I wish to get back at them


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  • How to solve your confusion: Re-read your statements in this question

    1) She cheated on you

    2) She is with someone else currently, and she loves him

    3) She wants to be friends with you

    Now you get to determine what you want to do:

    1) Push for a relationship with a cheating girl who is with someone else

    2) Be friends with the girl whom cheated on you

    3) Tell her to kick rocks and walk away, showing your injured ego

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Haha Ill choose number three thanks sir

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  • I'd tell her that I hope he cheats on her!


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  • Let it go and forget her. She cheated on you and betrayed you and now she thinks it should be OK to be friends. I don't think she cares how you feel. Be the better person and walk away.

  • Being friends with your ex after she cheated on you... How are you even considering this?!?! She wants to have you in her life by her terms because she was used to you "being there" in her life. If you give her that satisfaction it will just show how much of a deserate clingy emotional tampon that she thinks you are, and she will be secretly laughing her ass off especially since she can cut off the "friendship" anytime she wants, and it would be sooner than you think. Stop communicating with her and start dating other girls. If she tries to talk to you someday (and she will), ignore her. Don't even give her the satisfaction of conversation because that shows a sign that you care. Move on, move forward, live life, have fun, and stop putting girls on pedistals they don't deserve. Don't put her feelings in consideration, she didn't give you that respect.


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