I'm sending a b day card to my ex, how to keep it simple?

background: we were together 3 years. She broke up with me then ask me to take her back 5 months later. We're on good terms but I have asked her for some space and time to figure out what I want. Her b day is coming up. I will send a card but I want to keep it simple. She knows I am crazy in love with her but I don't want to make it a romantic card and give her any false hope, because I have not decided if I am taking her back.

If you could give me some ideas, on what to say I would appreciate it . Everything I have tried sound to lovey. thanks.


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  • I think you should send her the card... why not? ... that doesn't mean anything but a nice greeting from your part. Just think as if it was going to a friend of yours that you know from many years.

    You can say something like...Happy Birthday! Hope every year for you comes full of blessings or something sarcastic at the end that will make her laugh like... P.S. next year the birthday card comes with a wrinkle cream coupon ;)... Lol . ...Just be you. :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Dont send her anything, She will do it again.


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