He thinks we are moving too fast I feel rejected...

he called to say he wants to talk to me that he's not breaking up with you but to say he thinks we are moving too fast. He feels like it is becoming routine, because when he slept over (he does this like 2-3 a week) I was bothered that he came over we watched a movie he slept through and then went straight to sleep. Usually we have sex or talk more or something. So I was kinda mad that there was no talking or touching, plus I was horny. hah. I felt that all he came over for was to straight up sleep. So I tell him the next day it bothered me ends up he was actually going through some family drama I'm like oh okay I didn't know.

The next night he sleeps over again and I want to cuddle and we end up sleeping on the floor but not a comfortable sleep at all! He says from these events that he felt it was too routine because he felt he couldn't just come over to just hang out with me.

And he goes on to tell me that our close friend and him discussed me being mad that he just went to sleep and it ended up that she portrayed in a way that it was his fault he should of just done something with me. Like he should of just did sexual things with me because I was honry. Which is not my opinion at all. Then he informs me that she said I talked about marriage and sh*t giving him totally wrong idea.

Pretty much, I feel it ends up that I like him more than he likes me and that scares him and he didn't disagree with this. So when he's telling me all this of course I'm hurt, rejected, angry so I say well we should take a break, I mean we already separate ourselves during the week. Let's just make it a bigger break especially with the holidays we aren't going to see each other anyways. He was like Break I don't like that word. blah blah

What's funny is he was like I haven't seen you in a while he slept over 3 days ago...then to say we are moving to fast...but it's not fast in that we see each other too much. It's fast that I expect him to cuddle with me when he comes over...


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What Guys Said 1

  • He says it is "too routine", and yet he he isn't able to just come over and hang out with him?

    And who is this close female friend who he is talking to? Something doesn't sound right about that.

    He sounds like he doesn't know what he wants.

    • Oh -- I see this was an old question... please tell me that you are no longer with him!

What Girls Said 1

  • This guy is an idiot who doesn't know what he wants. And you're not going to wait around for him to figure it out. Be a smart woman and forget about him.


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