Someone help me please.

My ex broke up with me a month ago. she started seeing another guy. but she keeps in touch with me b text an phone calls. She called me yesterday and asked me to hang out. I went over to her place. she lied down on couch next to me and kept touching my face and hair. I still love this girl. I am positive she wanted me to kiss her. Ye she openly said she is with the other guy and likes him. WTF should I do? please help.


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  • I have an advice for you. I know is going to be difficult, but if you want to see what is going on, stop seeing her. Being a woman (and I think this is available for men too), I know, we realize what we lost, only when we really lose that person or thing. So, you can do this in 2 ways: you stop answer the phone when she calls (this would drive her crazy cause she knows you're there all the time), or you tell her to leave you alone, cause you respect her new relationship and you want to go on with your life (I have a hunch you are not going to tell her that :).

    what you have to do, is to make distance. to put yourself on distance. is the only way you can find what she really wants and there is a big possibility for her to come back. maybe she is telling she likes this guy to see how you react. to find out if you still care about her.

    is her ego in the picture.

    so put that distance and you're not going to lose more than you've already lost, and in plus you'll have your answers and maybe even more in plus :)

    good luck

    • hey thank you. please reply soon cause I have an important question. I can do/say either of those 2 things you mentioned. but it will show me a little bit as a wuss and more importantly, it will be me showing emotion. I should be acting "col" and nonchalant, right? Plus she would get pissed off if I didn't answer calls? She has been texting a lot lately.. We were very good & close friends before all this.. What's your advice now based on my feedback? Also shud I get a new girlfriend to get her bak

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    • thanks

    • you're welcome. any time :)

      tell me later how things are, ok?

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  • i think you should find another girl and just try be happy with her , this girl is clearly trying to hurt you and make you jelouse just move on :)

    • then how do I get revenge on her for doing that?

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  • She obviously still wants to be with you but is on a rebound relationship right now. Why did she break up with you in the first place?

    • she dumped me. I was too needy and clingy and way too nice always being there and bringing her gifts. I f***ed up. then she said she didn't think I was the one for her long term but she kept hooking up with me after that. but it wasn't about the sex, we both felt something very special. she introduced me to her whole family and was even talking about marriage at one point. now like you said she's in a rebound relationship. But she's been with this guy for about a month or so. wtf shud I do

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    • like 10 or 12 days

    • Ok..she's definitely on a rebound. You need a plan to get her back before it's really too late. This is a good place to start.. it helped me ==> link

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