2 years with my boyfriend, buti think I like another guy?

So I been with my man for almost 2 years. One more left untill we make 2 full years. We been recently sexual and all that stuff. My boyfriend is number 3 of our class and is really smarter than me. I can relate to him and he makes so happy. Honestly, best boyfriend ever inmy eyes. However, I think I have feeelings for this other guys. He is a baseball player and I'm a manager for the baseball team. He texted me a few weeks ago and we been texting day and night. In school and at night. The third day we texted he started calling me "babe" and I don't know my heart starts pounding. Sometimes I feel like he is my boyfriend. But I have my bf! IDk what to do. THey are both sweet guys. But I know my boyfriend is the one who will keep me happy ,laugh, ect. He is so respectful to me and I feel so cared. I'm just scared if I date his basebal player he would treat me wrong and I would regret \ leaving my boyfriend. I'm not saying I want to leave my boyfriend. I just don't kow what to do. I like them book. But I love my boyfriend, but I'm having strong feelings for the baseball player. I feel like he likes me too :9 ? WHat do I dooo?


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  • Regardless of your relationship status, be it 10 years and happy or single, you will find yourself attracted to other people. Attractiveness does not translate to how happy you will be in a relationship with someone. As far as personality goes, the honeymoon stage is always fun.

    During the "courting" stage of a budding relationship, a person is on their best behavior. They are charming, polite, funny, and just all around trying their hardest to be what, they believe to be, exactly what their person of interest wants.

    If you are happy where you are, don't make a change and you won't be disappointed. Taking the risk may leave you wishing you hadn't.

    If you aren't happy, or think you could be happier, don't settle for 2nd best.

    • but I am happy but I like I just miss that feeling I told my boyfriend that I miss that feeling. but he didn't do much. he did a bit but yeah. I don't know the baseball player is sweet I don't know what to do anymore ughhh but I like have more 78% more feelings for my boyfriend but it's that other percentage that makes me think :(

    • What I am saying is you will be faced with these temptations and feelings for the rest of your life... even after you have found "the one". At some point if you want to settle down, you will need to learn to cope with all temptations you are faced with. If you are not ready to settle down, then it may be a risk worth taking.

      You need to simply weigh the pros vs the cons. Is risking a try with the baseball player worth the realistic possibilit that you will never have another shot with your bf

    • omgg .. I didn't even kow my relation with my boyfriend would last this long. I told my boyfriend that. I wanted to enjoy my high school years single and date other guys but I don't know what to doo ! OMGG I don't know . the baseball player just textedme and said randomly " pretend if you didn't know how to kiss, I'll show you and take yoru breah away" .. I miss that so much. But from another guy OMG I don't know I do, do pros. and cons but my boyfriend now wins. But I miss being single and feeling that spark at frist but I really love my bf

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