Whats the reason my ex said this?

Why would my ex tell some girls that I was a dog? and then told some girls I was too nice?


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  • There'sa reason she's an ex, obviously. She's lying and two faced, for one thing!

    Don't let anything she says bother you. I"m sure people understanding she's just being spiteful.

    • yea I understand she told me after she wanted to break up that she had a grudge on me for taking breaks when we needed them because of the way she acted sometimes like she was insecure and used to try to make me have a baby with her when we made love and stuff, I still love her after its been 8 months of being broke up but when I text her and talk about stuff she say I'm bein delusional when I talk about when we made love and calls me private when I text her sumthn like that like she scared Why ?

    • Two faced, deceitful, as I said.

  • She is telling the girls that hate boys that are "dogs" that you are a dog.

    She is telling girls that hate "nicey nicey guys" that you are too nice.

    She is likely trying to make you miserable or put your sex life at a halt for a while.

    • Yea we had sex a lot and good sex,she used to always drive to my house to have sex then, after we broke up she said I just want her for sex, then I was trying to tell her how feel cause I still kinda had feelings for her after we been broke up for 8 months and I see she still single so I told her I miss her and that she has been the only one I made love to and she text me and said made love? and that I'm being delusional?

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